New Town Meeting Format


New Town Meeting Format

Here is the new format for Town Meeting:
(by Vinnie. And Craig. And Noam. And Rebecca. And Nick. And a whole lotta other great people, too.)

There will be one GAM (groups-a-meetin’) and one Town Meeting a month.

GAM (groups-a-meetin’) is a group of 3 forums. The GAMs will serve as a forum discussion group. People will bring up problems, improvements, or solutions that are directly relevant to the school.

In theory, forum leaders will serve as mediators and be the voice of reason in the GAMs.

The GAMs will meet at least a week before the Town Meeting.

If a GAM comes up with a problem that needs a solution, they will
bring it to Town Meeting. Town Meeting will create a committee to come up with solutions.

The committee will consist of concerned students, faculty, and
out-of-school persons if the case so warrants it. The committee will bring their solutions to the next Town Meeting,
where the school body will decide what to do.

If an urgent matter comes up, anyone can present the issue to a
deciding body/thing. If warranted, an emergency Town Meeting will be announced.


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