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Community high school has partnered with Goodwin to provide all of our foreign students free online English instructions. Goodwin has been nice enough to provide all of their services and website for free to all foreign country students. As many of you know recently the amount of foreign students, especially from Asia, has increased quite a bit. We think that this diversity helps all of our students grow. We also know that English is not the easiest language in the world to learn so we have created a language department specifically aimed at improving our foreign students English ability. This English ability is usually measured by students taking international standardized English tests. But to popular test are the TOEFL test and TOEIC test. Goodwin’s specialty is preparing students from around the world to take these test and score well.

Because then been so nice and generous to us by offering their services for free the least we could do was give them a shout out on our blog here. So if you have any friends who are looking to go to community high school but they need help with their English abilities point them in the direction of Goodwin


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