Our fantastic art department owns the south first floor wing of CHS. In addition to two studios and the mandatory kiln, we have a series of popular black and white photography classes.

Art Classes for Fall 2005

You can also build a schedule online using our new tools.

Class Teacher Block
Open Studio1 Steve 1
Media in Motion Michael 1
Ceramics Kris 2
Junk to Art Kris 3
Beginning Drawing and Painting Steve 4
Beginning Photo Mike 4
Yearbook2 Steve 5
Beginning Photo Steve 6
Open Studio1 Kris 6
Intermediate and Advanced Art Kris 7

Art Teachers

Teacher Room Has a Badger?
Coron, Steve (email) 111 Doubtful, but possible.
Hermanson, Kris (email) 109 Will ask.
Mouradian, Mike (email) 206 Not going to find out.
Smith, Michael (email) 115 Media in Motion


1 You get to create anything as long as you’ve got 6 pieces by the end of the semester.

2 Our yearbook is the Midnight Sun. You can read more about it.