Civics and History

Civics and History

You are required to take law, western civilization, 2 semesters of history, and non-western civilization, AND civics to graduate (view all graduation requirements). That’s a whole lot of classes, so it’s a good idea to start in your first semester of your freshman year.

Civics Classes for Fall 2005

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Law and Civics

Class Teacher Block
Civics Mike A. 1
Civics Mike A. 3
Law Cheryl 2
Law Cheryl 3 (daily, 9:35 – 10:25)
Adv. Law Cheryl 6


I’d recommend taking Minority Perspectives with Marion. It provides an enlightening view of real American history by comparing our traditional history book with A People’s History of the United States1 and other non-traditional textbooks.

Class Teacher Block
US History Cindy 1
US History Cindy 5
US History: Minority Perspectives Marion 2
US History: Minority Perspectives Marion 4


Class Teacher Block
Western Civ. Marcia 4
Modern Western Civ. Marcia 5
Asian Civ. Marion 5
Western Civ. Marcia 6
Latin American Civ. Cheryl 7

1 Zinn, Howard. Harper Collins: 1980, revised 1995 and later.

Civics Teachers

Teacher Room Classes
Alperovitz, Mike (email) roving Civics
Banks-Haidu, Cindy (email) 305 History
Evashevski, Marion (email) 213 History, Asian Civ.
Grace, Cheryl (email) 307 Law, Latin Am. Civ.
Schaffer, Marcia (email) 309 Western Civ.