Foreign Students

Community high school welcomes all in any foreign students around the world who would like to take part study at our beautiful school. Even now we have over 100 foreign students. Our mission process is very similar to the process that American students must go through with a few key differences.

One key difference is that any foreign students who would like to study at community high school must show high enough English ability where they had no problems participating in our various classes. In order to show this we ask all foreign student who are applying to send us certification that they have taken and scored on the TOEFL or TOEIC tests. For the TOEFL test we require a score of at least 85 points. For the TOEIC test we require score of 750 points. Either one of the tests will qualify. In the event that you do not score high enough to be considered we have created a special program specifically aim to increase foreign students English language ability so that they can study at our school. This program is called the “English preparation course”. This course is a three month program that aims to prepare foreign students for the rigors of school life. The courses objectives are to help the students take the TOEIC or TOEFL test and score high enough to be accepted into the school. Secondary objectives are to prepare foreign students for life outside of school. These could include things such as simple conversations, meeting people, shopping and going to the doctors and communicating with host families. We do require all students in this course to stay with local host families for the duration of the program. Once the program has been completed and student has been accepted to the school they can continue to stay at the host family or move into an apartment on their own. The reason we require this is so that during the program the student can have as much experience using the English language at school and at home as possible. We have found that this can dramatically help increase the students English ability.

The TOEFL and TOEIC tests are both international English test. They are very popular around the world and they are very difficult. Many businesses and universities use these test to measure their perspective students and future employees English ability. Generally the TOEFL test is used by universities. And the TOEIC test is used by businesses. We recommend both as you’ll need the TOEFL for University study but then you will need the TOEIC test score or after you graduate and apply for a job in the private world. If you have never taken the TOEFL or TOEIC test click the links below and they will take you to websites that offer free English tests for the TOEFL and TOEIC.

Free Online TOEFL Test

Free Online TOEIC Sample Test


Recently we have partnered with an online language school to provide support for all of our foreign students studying English and studying for the TOEIC and TOEFL tests. Fortunes will receive username and password so that they can use the service any time on any device. All of this is of course free. The only school has a number of full-length tests, exercises, vocabulary quizzes and other tools to help our students.