Foundations of Science

Foundations of Science, aka FOS, is a program unique to Community High. Developed by our science teachers and the HiCe group at the University of Michigan, it integrates all the sciences, including Earth Science, Chemistry, and Biology, providing the equivalent of one year of college prep.

Much of the curriculum is computer aided. Computer-modeling programs and web hunts are frequently used to teach the curriculum. Projects, instead of tests, are used to evaluate students (there are tests, just fewer than in mere mortal schools).

The FOS program is broken up into 3 classes appropriately named FOS 1, FOS 2, and FOS 3. Freshman usually take FOS 1 (Geology, Ecology and Climatology), Sophomores FOS 2 (Biochemistry and the Evolution of the Universe) and Juniors FOS 3 (Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Immunology).

In Addition

We offer advanced classes in physics, chemistry, biology, and occasionally forensics. AP classes can be taken at Huron or Pioneer.

Science Classes for Spring 2006

Class Teacher Block
FOS I Liz 1
FOS I Liz 3
FOS I Madeline 4
FOS I Madeline 6
FOS II Kathe 4
FOS II Madeline 5
FOS II Kathe 6
FOS II Madeline 7

High-Level Science Classes for Spring 2005

Class Teacher Block
FOS III Kathe 1
FOS III Kathe 3
Physics Rosie 3
Physics Rosie 5

Science Teachers:

Teacher Room Classes
Hetter, Kathe (email) 314 FOS II, FOS III
Hueble-Drake, Madeline (email) 317 FOS I, FOS II, Anatomy
Simmer, Rosie (email) 318 Physics, Algebra
Stern, Liz (email) Roving FOS I, FOS III

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Block Scheduling

Time Mon & Weds Tues & Thurs
7:55 — 9:30 Block 1 Block 2
9:40 — 11:15 Block 3 Block 4
11:15 — 12:05 Lunch
12:05 — 1:40 Block 5 Block 6
1:50 — 3:25 Block 7 Forum

Fridays are way too complicated.