Community has an award-winning jazz program. We’re taught by the acclaimed Mike Grace.

CHS is a bit too small to host an orchestra or marching band, so if you’re interested in the whole first-chair / second-chair thing, you’ll have to look to your home school (Huron or Pioneer).

This is the second semester 2004 – 2005 schedule. Note that Beg. II Jazz is the same as Beg. I Jazz, just later in the day.

Class Teacher Block
Int. I Jazz Mike Grace Daily 3 & 41
Beg. I Jazz Mike Daily 3 & 41
Beg. II Mike 5 (12.00)
Int. II Mike again 6 (12.55)
Adv. I Mike 6 (1.45)
Adv. II Still Mike 7 (2.40)
Adv. III This guy does a lot. 8 (3.30)

1 Intermediate I and Beginning I meet daily for 45 minutes during blocks 3 & 4.