Our school has all the classical high school language classes: French, Spanish, and Latin. Choose wisely! (You can also build a schedule online using our new tools.)


Class Teacher Block
Spanish I Kris Ann 3
Spanish I Kris Ann 6
Spanish II Micheal 1
Spanish II Micheal 2
Spanish III Kris Ann 7


Class Teacher Block
French I Danelle 4
French II Kris Ann 4
French III Danelle 3


Class Teacher Block
Latin I Jason 1
Latin II Jason 2
Latin III Jason 4

Language Teachers

Teacher Room Classes
Mosher, Danelle (email) roving French I & III
Berger, Kris Ann (email) 205 Spanish I, & III; French II
Roberts, Micheal (email) roving Spanish II
McKnight, Jason (email) 122 Latin