Our five math teachers will guide you through the wonders (cough) of algebra, geometry, algebra again, analsys, and calculus.

There are no AP classes offered at CHS: if you want to go above and beyond, chat with your forum leader about taking a class at Huron or Pioneer. You can also take advanced math classes at the U of M.

Math Classes for Fall 2005

You can always build a schedule online using our new tools.

Class Teacher Block
Algebra 3 Rosie 2
Algebra 1 Dan 2
Geometry Craig 2
Geometry Dan 3
Algebra Tutor Anne 5
Algebra 1 Dan 5
Algebra 1 Ed 5
Algebra 3 Rosie 6
Algebra 1 Support Dan 6
Geometry Craig 6
Algebra Tutor Ed 6
Algebra 3 Anne 7
Geometry Ed 7

High-Level Math Classes

Class Teacher Block
Analysis Craig 1
Calculus Ed 1
Analysis Craig 3
Analysis Anne 4
Calculus Anne 6

Math Teachers

Teacher Room Classes
Kulka, Ed (email) 105 Calculus, Algebra 1
Levin, Craig (email) 315 Analysis, Geometry
Neaton, Dan (email) 311 Algebra 1, Geometry
Simmer, Rosie (email) 318 Algebra 3, Physics
Thomas, Anne (email) roving Analysis, Algebra 3